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A fresh perspective for your marketing

We put the customer at the heart of all business communication

  • Genuine Customer Content
  • On any device
  • Linked to your business
  • Reward your customers
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A new approach to placing the customer at the centre of your marketing material

We are looking for Irish tourism businesses to work with as we develop our new platform. If you are a hotellier or tourism hub get in touch now for more information

How it works

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Customers are capturing content in your business everyday! This content highlights the true experiences of your customers and what makes their visit special.

TakenPlace adds all of these true experiences to your existing stock of photography & video marketing content. Giving you a new feed of current, exciting & genuine marketing content.

TakenPlace takes all of the hassle out of ensuring this content is appropriate, legal and ready to be used in your next marketing campaign. All you have to do is pick which content you want to use.

We work with you to promote customer content, build rewarding incentives and innovative content challenges to engage your customers and keep them coming back!

Content is King

Access to current content for your next campaign in minutes...

TakenPlace helps you to increase engagement with your audience and increase your content library by linking the photographys and videos that your customer are already taking directly to your business.

Our services provide you with everything you need to get your customer involved and keep them involved through the use of automated promotions and rewards.

  • Instant access to a library of content from your customers
  • Increase customer engagement
  • No more disingenuous staged moments
  • No more costly professional photography sessions
  • All consents, ownership & legalities confirmed

Customer centred marketing is the new way to engage your audience. Why not let our crowd sourcing platform provide eye catching, current Photograhs & Videos to keep your social media feeds upto date at a price that suits your budget

Start getting original and authentic content today

We can offer you new ways to involve your customers with photo assignments, competitions & live galleries.

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Genuine Customer Content
On any device
Linked to your business
Reward your customers

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We are committed to working with the entire community in creating a new & unique content offering and we'd love to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Please use the form below to drop us a line, or message us on social media.

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Genuine Customer Content
On any device
Linked to your business
Reward your customers

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