Frequently asked questions

All photographs uploaded to TakenPlace are required to pass our moderation process to ensure quality & suitability. We aim for all images to pass moderation in less than 24 hours, then you’re photograph will be available for purchase on the site.

If your image does not pass moderation you will be informed via email.

To ensure that TakenPlace runs as smoothly as possible we have to limit the number of images that each account can hold.

We do offer premium accounts at a small fee. For more information please contact the team at

We take the quality and content of TakenPlace extremely seriously. To ensure we fulfil our social & legal obligations we have a strict process for the review & removal of inappropriate content from our site.

If you believe a photograph is unsuitable you can report the image using the ‘report image’ button. Doing so will instantly remove the image from the site and pass it to our team for review.

This is a known issue relating to some web browsers on Android. We are working to resolve this however for the time being we ask that you use the ‘document’ option to select your stored photographs.

Two-factor authentication (TFA) helps to increase the security of your account by requiring two components to log in, these being something you know (your password) and something that you have with you (your smartphone). With TFA, you login with your email and password as normal, but if you are logging into your account for the first time on a device you'll be asked for a code generated by a free authenticator app on your phone.

We recommend you enable two-factor authentication on your account so that in the event that someone manages to correctly guess your password, they won't be able to log into your account without your phone. You can enable two-factor authentication in your account settings under the security page .

TakenPlace are happy to help businesses of all sizes get the best possible photographs of their business, for the best possible price. The best way to get images of your location is to setup an assignment. These allow you to give our users direction and directly request images and are FREE to setup.

To setup an assignment please contact the team at

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