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Geoff: the new iPhone? | TakenPlace

Geoff: the new iPhone?

There’ve been some notable announcements already this year tech-wise but the iPhone 7 is set to be the next big thing.

Apparently what’s concerning everyone is not so much the features but what it’s going to be called. Safe to say, we’re sure it’ll start with an “i”.

So, what will they call it?

Apple’s tried and tested formula of “i-everything” will likely stand the test of time in this case too But even if the “I” is sacrosanct – they like to mess about with other letters of the alphabet. So will it be the iPhone 7, the 7s or perhaps they’ll break with tradition and it will simply be called “Geoff”.

When will “Geoff” be ready?

We all know Apple is notorious for keeping its marketing plans close the proverbial chest and the we usually find ourselves restricted to red rope media events and snippets of information, which all inevitably keep the rumour mills turning and the interest high.

And then with short shrift we get an announcement and the unenviable pleasure of a -7day queue outside the nearest Apple store to collect the fabled device.

What we do know is that Apple traditionally favours September for new iPhones. But there have been suggestions that they may move to a bi-annual release pattern, presumably to keep up with the growing contenders and releases of Android and Windows hardware.

Photography Focus

smartphone-623722_1920_webAt TakenPlace we know smartphone ‘togs are a great source of innovative and creative photographs for our buyers, so let’s talk about some of the features we can hope for with the new iPhone so you can get the most pounds per pixel.

Megapixels are a must

Although the market is moving away from using megapixels as the ultimate measure of a camera there’s still stiff competition. With the New Sony C4 offering 13MP and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 boasting 16MP, we can almost definitely expect an increase of the iPhone 6’s 8MP.

More megapixels mean better depth to photographs, better clarity and increased suitability for printed material such as brochures or adverts. Having these attributes in your photos will give them more applications and therefore be more appealing to our buyers.

Space to store

The iPhone6 was already a contender with a whopping 128Gb to store music, emails and photographs. However, if we can expect no external card option, we may see a further increase in this capacity. How about seeing double @ 256Gb?

New kid on the block

4k has moved from the stuff of high-end, £25k+ screens to become more available in every home. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has already shown us that Smartphones can support 4k (if only in some limited capacity) but it’s not out of the question to see Apple begin a push on 4k across their range. If you can rent a 4k movie, why not shoot one? And the quality of your photographs will also benefit.


As the divide between professional quality cameras and phones becomes smaller by the day DSL-alike is a phrase that has been linked to most manufacturers. Through the use of single reflector lens technology and reduced digital correction we could see the next generation of camera phones getting closer than they have ever been to any Canon.

With the above and more rumours, we at TakenPlace are eager to see which buttons the new iPhone pushes and are excited to see our users take full advantage of the new technology in creating photos that can be taken even further.

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