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Natural Tweaks | TakenPlace

Natural Tweaks

What sets TakenPlace apart from other stock photography sites and professional photographers is the natural look and feel of our photographs.

Our snappers range from professional photographers, semi pros, keen amateurs and those who just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

What you all have in common is that you get a great shot, naturally.

With the type of stock photos we source on TakenPlace it’s rare that one of our images looks staged, even if it is.Wedding-Group

Because of this, TakenPlace photos offer a true insight for businesses into how we, and the public at large, enjoy their premises, events or facilities.

However, a guiding hand is sometimes needed to make the most of a scene.

Subtlety is key

Like a good wedding photographer you must resist the urge to be a barking major and approach as a friendly suggestor.

Work with the light

Some of our top tips for selling images can be found here but for simplicity you may want to reposition your friends to make the most of the lighting.

Work with the crowd

Instead of directing the crowd, try moving yourself first. Sometimes eyes follow cameras and with a simple step to the left you’ll find the entire scene re-orientates itself and you have a perfectly lit photograph. All without you uttering a single word.

The same trick can work for scenery but sometimes you just need to speak up.

Setting the scene

You’re keen eye has identified a particular piece of decoration, statue or water feature that would make your photograph. Don’t be shy, you’re with friends after all.

Ask them to move a bit or a bench, we don’t want to see them false smiles and all around the item but maybe they could just be in front of it.

If all else fails, try bribery

What’s a chocolate bar or a drink between friends? If you can get that unique picture, get it uploaded to TakenPlace and it’s bought, then that’s money in your pocket and worth every penny.

Do you have some natural shots you want to share? Then Save your TakenPlace Now and you’ll benefit from Early Access and other rewards.

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