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GPS: Uploading Your Photos Made Easy! | TakenPlace

GPS: Uploading Your Photos Made Easy!

Most Smartphones and a large number of standalone cameras now have Global Positioning System (GPS) built in. This feature allows your device to record a precise location for each photograph that you take.


Here at TakenPlace we love GPS! It makes life so easy when you want to share and sell a picture.

Our clever computers use the GPS data, or “geotag”, to show exactly where you took your perfect picture, so that our buyers can search and buy, quickly and easily.

So make sure you use your GPS feature on your phone and/or camera and when you upload your photos to your TakenPlace account they’ll be much more easily searchable, increasing your chances of a sale.

Because of this, we strongly recommend having this function turned on but here’s some more information to help you decide.


satellite-34882_1280What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System is a series of satellites used primarily for navigation (hence ‘satnav’).

GPS was developed into its current form by the U.S. Department of Defence in 1973 as it sought to overcome the limitations of other navigational systems. There were initially 24 satellites but there are now believed to be 32, providing greater availability and accuracy.

At a minimum any device must be in ‘contact’ with four satellites to calculate a reliable location. The process of calculating the location is done within the device itself, using data received from the satellites.


Can people use GPS to track me?

The short answers is “only if you let them’. Having GPs activated on your device does not send your location anywhere except when you allow it to. Some apps (such as Facebook & Google Maps) allow you to share your location with others but they should always ask your specific permission.

When taking photographs your GPS co-ordinates are taken at the same time as the photo, then embedded in the image file, along with other useful information such as date and time.


Will it drain my battery?

Using GPS data does require a small additional amount of power, however, as mentioned above, the function is used only whilst actually taking a photo. To minimise the impact on your battery you should ensure other applications are not using GPS. You can check this within your device’s app settings.


Camera Recommendations

At TakenPlace we have used a wide range of GPS capable cameras. If you haven;t got one then you might want to check out these reviews.


If you have any questions at all about the type of photos you can upload, how to upload them or anything else at all about TakenPlace, then just ask away.

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