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10 Rules for Venue Photography from a Wedding Photographer | TakenPlace

10 Rules for Venue Photography from a Wedding Photographer

Generally professional wedding photographers are a friendly, upbeat group of people.

We have to be to do the job we do. After all we deal with people in the happiest day of their lives so it wouldn’t do to be a grumpy bugger would it?

But having had a fair bit of experience with crowds of keen amateur ‘togs whilst I’m working has taught me a few basic tricks that everyone can use to get the most out of their photography experience.

I’ll forgo the standard grumble about the back of Uncle Bob’s head appearing at the bottom of every group shot and move swiftly to my top 10 tips for taking photos at any kind of venue or event.


garden-550991_6401. Keep everyone happy

Remember where you are. Whether it’s a public garden or a private club there are people around you with their own interests, hobbies or reasons for being there. Be sensitive to their wishes as well as their rights. Try not to upset anyone as a grumpy photo bomber is no fun at all and will do nothing for your reputation.


2. Use the light

We’ve already discussed the power of light in our blog Get your shot on but it’s even more important when you’ve got varied lighting indoors or there are multiple photographers at play. Don’t overuse your flash as it may wash out some of your images.


3. Don’t trust your gadget

Linked with point #2, don’t trust your phone, tablet or camera knows what’s right. Check your photographs as you take them, if you haven’t captured the best of the scene, try overriding your device’s settings such as flash and capture mode.


4. Keep the aisle clear

Be aware of your surroundings and don’t get too adventurous with your positioning. Obviously you want to get the best shot of the scene you can but don’t feel that means riding the aisle of a 747 during a turbulent landing. 😉


5. Charge and clear

Remember to ensure your camera battery is charged and your memory card empty (and IN!). No-one expects you to carry a full kit bag but a few simple preparation steps can really help you out.


photographer-390756_6406. Imitation is not always a compliment

You may find yourself at an event with photographers of all levels present. Don’t just look for the person with the biggest kit bag and follow them around. Why not take the photo from a different angle rather than trying to replicate someone else’s vision. This is what makes TakenPlace so unique, it’s all about your vision.


7. Capture the laughter

Be ready for spontaneous moments, this is where point ‘n’ click cameras can be a blessing. Capture the unexpected moment when the lead guitarist falls off the stage or the barman pulls off that once in a lifetime flair. Be ready to capture these moments and you could walk away with some real gems.


8. Share with care

Be considerate of what you’ve captured. Not everyone wants to be seen across social media and some moments are just that, moments. Consider how your photograph portrays the event and the people in it, and also who will see it once you’ve uploaded it to the Internet.


9. Backup as soon as you can

You’ve enjoyed your time and you’ve taken some treasured photographs of your own, ensure they stay able to be treasured by copying them to a computer or cloud service at the end of the day.


10. Enjoy yourself!

You may choose to make specific trips to take photographs for TakenPlace, especially for an assignment, but enjoy what you’re doing. Your emotion will come through in your work and the most upbeat and positive photographs are the ones that sell.


These rules may seem obvious enough but people often get caught up in the moment and forget their common sense. Even a pro ‘tog…. 😉

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