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Product Review: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro | TakenPlace

Product Review: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Competition across the Ultrabook markets is heating up. The rules of which are simple, they must be small, ideally 14” (or less), light and pack enough punch to get the job done.


Lenovo is rapidly growing their market share and their Yoga tablet range certainly stands up to initial scrutiny.

When I selected the Pro model, I did so not just for the powerful i5 hidden in its depths or it’s compact 13.3” size but for its professional silver looks and protective rubber surround.


So far the Ultrabook can walk the walk in look and feel, even in the boardroom, but can it talk the talk?

Its most notable feature is the 3 “modes” that are available to the use. In standard laptop form, using new pivoting brackets, the screen can be completely folded in half to act as a touch screen tablet.

It can even be left in ‘tent’ mode (pictured) and whilst initially I was suspect of its usefulness I quickly realised that it can be very useful for presentations, Skype calls or even image reviewing in tight spaces.


A Real “Lightweight”

It doesn’t take a minute to realise that its weight is going to be of real benefit in today’s mobile world. Weighing in at just 2.6kg (including power lead) it can easily be taken along on remote shoots to provide additional tech support for the roaming photographer.


Boy, that’s fast!

Speed is the next trick up its sleeve. When fully set up it can take less than 8 seconds to complete a full boot into the Windows OS. This can mainly be attributed to the inbuilt 8Gb solid-state drive and the way in which the system utilises this as a temporary cache for the most highly used components of the OS and applications.


Battery Boast

Battery life is on par with the competition. I was initially impressed by the boast of up to 9 hours of life between charges. In reality, this didn’t fully stand up. My average for light use was no better than 6 hours.


The All Important Price Tag

The price of the Yoga (or the older Flex) starts at £350 and goes up to £650 (prices correct at time of publishing) and at point of purchase we were offered additional support to setup our system, but (we think) that’s half the fun.

Set up took approximately 45 minutes and any potential buyer should not overlook the advisable use of a 64Gb USB stick to create a legitimate copy of the Windows OS. This can ensure quick recovery should anything happen to your unit.


A Reliable Companion

As you can see on our social accounts I have been giving the Yoga 2 a full field test over the past week as it’s been my reliable companion on my travels.

In my opinion it is a worthy contender in today’s market and has lived up to its pedigree in reliability and performance, even allowing me to make photography edits on tightly packed planes.

Its quick USB3 and media card slots have helped me transfer my images quickly, back them up to my team via OneDrive and even write this very article.


If you’re in the market for a new lightweight Windows laptop, and like the idea of flipping it into tablet mode to impress clients then look no further.

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