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The Marketing Team’s Dream… | TakenPlace

The Marketing Team’s Dream…

One of the functions of any marketing team or agency is to produce beautiful and relevant marketing materials for their company or their client’s company.

All too often this involves a whole range of costs (internal and external) from copywriting, design time, printing and the end result is usually/hopefully a beautiful brochure, leaflet, advert or website – you get the idea.

One of the key elements of this process is to have images. Words can tell a story, but images capture the imagination and engage an emotional response and professional photographers, coming out on a day’s shoot (or more) can add a whole lot extra to your budget.


Enter TakenPlace…

With TakenPlace you can source and buy images of your business venue or establishment from as little as £10 each. Our band of pro, semi-pro and “iphone-ographers” are out there snapping away at venues and establishments like yours.

Just type in the relevant postcode (as you would with Google Maps) and up will come a selection of high quality images of your own business (and no-one else’s) that you can then use for your marketing campaigns – online and offline.


Photography Assignments

You can also set our photographers photography assignments if you have something specific in mind and we’ll set our members to the task of getting you those photographs. There’s no fee to set them up, no committment to buy & ultimate flexibility.


The Techy Bit

The techy bit is we use geo-tagging on all our images to ensure that when you search for images of your business premises or venue, that’s all you get. Not generic stock shots in your local area but specific shots of your business, and your business only.


The Way Forward

TakenPlace is truly a new concept in stock photography that aims to provide businesses with a way to get images of the business premises, venues or events without paying the high costs of professional shoots or the editorial costs of the other stock photography sites.


So if you would like to find out more about how you and your business can save £100’s or £1000’s on your next set of images of your business, then please get in touch today.

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