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An open letter to anyone with a Camera-phone | TakenPlace

An open letter to anyone with a Camera-phone

Dear Camera-phone owners,

Until the dawn of this brave new millennium, quality photography was in the hands of a few professionals or serious hobbyists.


Those with the money for the equipment, the time to devote to constructing images with editing software ands the space in their basement or garage for a dark room.

But things have changed thanks to technology. Now everyone has access to digital photography, matching (if not bettering) the professional equipment of just five years ago.


I urge you: “Don’t be afraid to use it!”

polaroid-699271_640I’m not trying to suggest you can go out there with your Sony Z2 and outdo seasoned professionals. I’m certainly not suggesting you start charging to shoot at your friends’ weddings. What I am doing is encouraging you to realise the value in the photographs you can (and do) take in your every day lives.

Professional photographers have contributed significantly to where we are now. Had it not been for keen professionals experimentation we wouldn’t have Polaroid film.

Without Polaroid film and disposable cameras who knows if photographic technology would have progressed so quickly, and if it hadn’t, would you have a 12MP camera in your pocket right now?

Professionals honed the art. They put photographs into the hands of everyone, pushed the boundaries of the media and made it part of our daily lives.


Now it’s your turn.

bar-406884_640TakenPlace wants to help you get recognition and money for the unique photographs you have taken. Businesses want to use ‘real moments’ to advertise their business or service and you may have already captured it.

So, next time you are scrolling through your images of the weekend’s activity think about how appealing some of those moments might be in the bars, restaurants, parks and shops that you frequented.

Sharing those memories costs you absolutely nothing. And in just a few minutes you could be on the way to funding your own adventure. Don’t be afraid!

More tips on taking appealing photographs, that TakenPlace buyers are looking for, can be found in our previous blog post.

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